Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What happens next

So far, all my other leads I have been pursuing for more information have not replied. This includes Evony itself, along with the judges involved in the legal preceedings, as well as a few others. This is why I havent made a new post in almost a week.

Today I got another mail from GM-Leah, saying "In my opinion, Call of Roma wont shut down". Leah has posted this same message on several threads in the CoR forums about this issue, so this seems to be the standard developer response.

As such, it has become increasingly clear that the developers are going to completely ignore the court order. If the developers were going to listen to the court, then the game would have been taken down several weeks ago. As it is still up and running, it looks like it will continue to be avaliable for many more weeks, if not then months to come. While this is too late for the portals that have had to close the game down, as they have some respect for the law, the CallOfRoma.com servers will most likely be avaliable for the forseeable future.

So 'panic over', as it were. I will update this if new information comes to the surface, but if nothing new occurs then this will probably just stay as it is indefinately.

Thanks to everyone who has responded to this blog, and feel free to contact me either here, ingame or through the forum if you have any questions at all.

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