Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Devs Response

I made a thread about all of this on the .net forums, but it was quickly deleted. I then got a mail from CaesaryLeah (my second in eight months of being a moderator there), saying "Hi, can you tell me where did you find that message?" I gave her links to the lekool and R2Games posts, and her reply was "What you are discussing is other companies' behaviour. It's nothing to do with us. In addition,about Call Of Roma's future update plans, you can check by official website."

This was posted in a few other threads that mentioned the shutdowns in the forum, so this seems to be the standard developer response. As far as I see it, this could mean one of two things:

1) The developers are trying to wring more money out of us before they get closed for good. This would explain the recent set of advertising for the promo packs.

2) The developers are confident that the court injunction does not affect them, either due to jurisdiction issues, or because they are just ignoring the legal action entirely.

The recent renaming of Caesary to Call Of Roma may suggest that the second option is true, and that the developers are trying to rebrand Caesary in an attempt to satisfy the legal action. However, as said by the R2Games administrator, "we understand that a simple name and logo change will not make the court order to remove the game go away." And he is right, a new name does not create intellectual property, so this is a temporary measure at best in my opinion.

It looks like players on the .net servers have a temporary stay of execution then.

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