Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Closed Portals

So far, Lekool, R2Games and MochiGames have both closed their Caesary servers down for good.

"I am sorry that we have to remove caesary.lekool.com due to some unfortunate legal reasons beyond our control.
We understand you have invested a lot of time and even money into this game, we are trying our best to work with developer to come up with an alternative solution for you."

- Lekool

"We regret to inform each of you that we are forced to remove and shut down our remaining Caesary server due to legal reasons. We anticipate all Caesary operations to shut down within the next 72 hours. Our Caesary payment system will be shut down by the end of the day."

- R2Games 

"At the moment, all we know is that Caesary is down due to some Unfortunate Legal Issues, meaning that Caesary may not be a game any longer, but there really hasn't been any news as far as the developers go, we are still sitting in the dark and waiting for some answers, but tomorrow is another day, and may be a better one for our dear Caesary crew."

- MochiGames

As far as I am aware, YooGames and CallOfRoma.com (aka caesary.net) are the only portals still up and running. I dont expect YooGames to last much longer, and it can only be a matter of time before the .net servers are closed for good too. As soon as I hear of more portals that are closed, I will let you all know ASAP.

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